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Reduces Operating Costs and Protects The Environment

As a system supplier,      JPAC Batteries manufactures all imaginable packaging for battery packs at production sites in Germany and Asia, in accordance with customer requests. Our team will also be happy to develop the battery packs adapted to your needs! Developed According To Your Wishes Are you planning a new development or redesign of a battery or charger? JPAC Batteries - your partner from idea through planning, design, development and production to series production. Based on your application and your requirements, we advise you professionally on the choice of suitable cells, the properties of the necessary protection electronics, compliance with standards and certification (from the development phase), the first prototypes as part STL as well as the first measures. We assist you in all the important steps to help you make your final decision. Delivery and manufacture from a single source guarantees optimal synergy of battery, BMS and charger. Alkaline and lithium ion batteries

How to repair roof leaks?

The roof is a very important part of any property, and when a leak appears the most difficult thing is to find it. If you find any part of your car darker than another, that means it probably has moisture in it and its time to find a leak and fix any leaks. Want to know how to fix roof and shingle leaks? Continue reading. If you want to eliminate leaks on the roof and tiles, the first step is to be clear about where they are. This is the most important step in repairing roofs of shingles. It is advisable to do this search on a rainy day in order to locate a leak. This way you can see where the water is seeping through the ceiling and you can fix leaks. Once we have managed to locate a leak, the next thing to fix leaks is to remove the moisture from the roof very well inside and wait for the tiles to be dry. When we finish locating a leak and eliminating the moisture, we will be fully prepared to fix leaks and repair roof leaks . When it comes to eliminating leaks on the roof

Original ideas for tasting wine in New Castle

Renowned for its quality wines, France attracts many amateurs of grape varieties, appellations and classified growths. In Hunter Valley Tour many wine and champagne bars welcome wine lovers as well as beginners to whom the wine merchants present the new wines they have unearthed. For an original tasting, professionals have also created  guided tours specially on the theme of wine, to meet independent winegrowers, in the form of walks in the city, treasure hunts or outings in the region in a cellar. Other professionals organize unique tasting evenings to initiate their customers, teach them to identify aromas or have them compare wines with different characteristics. SPECIAL WINE GUIDED TOURS The Louvre cellars  have recently opened their doors to the public, offering them a surprising experience. Located in the former mansion of Louis XV's sommelier, they invite visitors to approach the question of wine in a sensory way.  Five rooms spread over 600m² each appeal to a different sen

Exceptional Australian pink diamond auctioned

 An exceptional pink stone, from the largest pink rough diamond ever discovered in Australian, was sold on the evening of Wednesday November 11 in Geneva by Sotheby's. Named “ Argyle Pink Diamond ” after the famous Ballets creation, this 14.83-carat, marble-sized diamond is the largest in its class to ever be auctioned. After a few minutes, this oval-cut diamond, auctioned online due to the coronavirus pandemic, was sold for 21 million Aussies Dollars, or $ 26.6 million including commission. The buyer wished to remain anonymous and bid over the phone. A year of work to prune it The auctioneer, Benoit Repellin, director of fine jewelry sales at Sotheby's in Geneva, stressed that this was a record for a purplish pink diamond. Before the sale, Sotheby's estimated it to be between $ 23 million and $38 million. This diamond, "entirely pure" , is exceptional in terms of its size and color, explained Mr. Repellin. Found in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in northeast Sib

How to recognize an authentic diamond?

Nowadays we have all heard of diamonds, but really… do we know what they are and where they come from? Diamonds are pure carbon atoms in polymorphous form that, under extreme pressure and temperature conditions, transform into this gemstone. The diamond belongs to the group of precious stones and received this name for its hardness and its name comes from the Greek "adamas" which means invincible and suggests the triumph and perpetuity of love. Diamond Classifications The clarity of the diamond Most diamonds have tiny imperfections called "inclusions" and clarity, or laziness, may be a measure of the presence or absence of inclusions. The less they are and the less visible they are, the higher the degree of purity. Diamond clarity is often the least important of the 4Cs because most inclusions are microscopic; they do not affect the beauty of the diamond in a visible way. To maximize your budget, consider a diamond with no visible flaws, VS1 grade or hig