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Reduces Operating Costs and Protects The Environment

As a system supplier,     JPAC Batteries manufactures all imaginable packaging for battery packs at production sites in Germany and Asia, in accordance with customer requests.

Our team will also be happy to develop the battery packs adapted to your needs!

Developed According To Your Wishes

Are you planning a new development or redesign of a battery or charger? JPAC Batteries - your partner from idea through planning, design, development and production to series production. Based on your application and your requirements, we advise you professionally on the choice of suitable cells, the properties of the necessary protection electronics, compliance with standards and certification (from the development phase), the first prototypes as part STL as well as the first measures. We assist you in all the important steps to help you make your final decision. Delivery and manufacture from a single source guarantees optimal synergy of battery, BMS and charger.

Alkaline and lithium ion batteries

A primary battery pack is the ideal solution if the required energy is seldom used over a long period. The advantage of the primary battery (Li-primary or Alkaline-primary) over a rechargeable battery is the higher energy density in weight and volume.

A primary battery pack does not need maintenance and still has a long life. This type is therefore an ideal backup battery.

Operating Costs and Protects The Environment

For several years, Battery Systems lithium and iron phosphate energy systems have been used in various sectors of logistics, for electric handling machines. Very successful practical experiences confirm the considerable advantages of JPAC Batteries energy systems in terms of operating costs and ecology compared to lead-acid traction batteries.

Advantages of Jpac Batteries energy systems compared to lead-acid traction batteries:

- Lower operating costs
- Service life increased by approx. 2.5 times. (> 2500 cycles)
- Higher charge-discharge energy efficiency
- Ability to fast charge and partial charge
- No emissions or maintenance
- Increased operational safety

Energy storage systems are particularly suitable for applications related to photovoltaic energy. During the day, these systems store excess electrical energy and at night and the next morning they can supply up to 70% of a building's needs.


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