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Original ideas for tasting wine in New Castle

Renowned for its quality wines, France attracts many amateurs of grape varieties, appellations and classified growths. In Hunter Valley Tour many wine and champagne bars welcome wine lovers as well as beginners to whom the wine merchants present the new wines they have unearthed. For an original tasting, professionals have also created  guided tours specially on the theme of wine, to meet independent winegrowers, in the form of walks in the city, treasure hunts or outings in the region in a cellar. Other professionals organize unique tasting evenings to initiate their customers, teach them to identify aromas or have them compare wines with different characteristics.


The Louvre cellars  have recently opened their doors to the public, offering them a surprising experience. Located in the former mansion of Louis XV's sommelier, they invite visitors to approach the question of wine in a sensory way. 

Five rooms spread over 600m² each appeal to a different sense: smell, touch, sight, hearing, provoke sensations which are as many keys of reading to apprehend the wine... remains the taste - the ultimate meaning of tasting - which is addressed at the end of the course, in a room where visitors are invited to savor a few wines. A fascinating and informative place to learn all about French wines .

Located in the 6th arrondissement, in the heart of the Saint-Germain district, Dilettantes  is the champagne specialist  .

With a selection of more than 150 references of rare and authentic champagnes, mostly from grand cru terroirs and from the work carried out by 25 artisan-winegrowers, the Maison de Champagne Dilettantes distributes a recognized high quality product sold in price ranges very reasonable. 

In its vaulted stone cellar, dating from the 17th century, the champagne cellar on the rue de Savoie welcomes group tastings and oenology workshops. Dilettantes offers several options to discover and get to know champagne better (terroir tasting, gourmet terroir tasting, tasting lunch, oenology workshops from 8 people, carte tasting, etc.).

Wine Tasting Tours Each bottle of champagne comes with an information sheet that helps you understand champagne and offers some tips. All bottles are ready to take, already cold.

For an unusual stroll in Australia, Promenade des Sens combines cultural visit and gourmet food. The agency organizes on request, for groups of around ten people, a tour of renowned wine merchants in the district. Wine and champagne tastings , explanations from passionate professionals and other historical anecdotes on the monuments of the district punctuate this 3-4 hour walk.

Wine and local products are in the spotlight of La Route des Gourmets. This agency offers wine and gastronomic tours and activities in Australia. The “Prestige” tasting workshop is held in Maison Legrand, located in the prestigious Galerie Vivienne. Six grands crus are in the spotlight, accompanied by cold meats and cheeses. The "duo tasting" workshop is aimed at lovers and offers them the opportunity to explore various rare champagnes.


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