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How to recognize an authentic diamond?

Nowadays we have all heard of diamonds, but really… do we know what they are and where they come from?

Diamonds are pure carbon atoms in polymorphous form that, under extreme pressure and temperature conditions, transform into this gemstone. The diamond belongs to the group of precious stones and received this name for its hardness and its name comes from the Greek "adamas" which means invincible and suggests the triumph and perpetuity of love.

authentic diamonds

Diamond Classifications

The clarity of the diamond

Most diamonds have tiny imperfections called "inclusions" and clarity, or laziness, may be a measure of the presence or absence of inclusions. The less they are and the less visible they are, the higher the degree of purity.

Diamond clarity is often the least important of the 4Cs because most inclusions are microscopic; they do not affect the beauty of the diamond in a visible way. To maximize your budget, consider a diamond with no visible flaws, VS1 grade or higher, with invisible inclusions to the naked eye.

The color

The color of a diamond could be a measure of its degree of transparency. This influences both its brightness and beauty and its price. So it makes color the second most important factor in a diamond, behind weight. Diamonds comes in different colors, like for example, pink diamonds which is known to be called the Pink star.

Diamonds have a yellowish color because of the presence of hydrogen atoms in their structure. For this reason, if you discover a complete absence of color, the diamond is colorless, it'll have more value. The scales during which they're measured are from D, which might be the foremost colorless, and Z, becoming the most yellow.

The diamond cut

When we mention the cut of a diamond we mainly ask how the stone has been cut, in what percentage angles and therefore the remaining portions.

Whether the diamond has a high shine will also depend on the cut. If the diamond is poorly cut, the light will not be reflected correctly and will escape from the sides of the stone, thus losing its shine.


The weight of a diamond is expressed in carat: 1 carat equals 0.20 grams. Carat may be a measurement that also applies to other gemstones and fine stones.

The carat of gemstones has nothing to try and do with the carat of gold alloys and will not be confused.

Where do they come from?

In India, 2,800 years ago, they were the primary to get large quantities of diamonds in their territories, becoming rich because of these gems.

In the seventeenth century some diamonds began to be transported to Europe and the jewel became the jewel of fashion.

The keys to recognizing an authentic diamond

The reflection

As we mentioned, the diamond has a great brilliance so you must observe it carefully. You have to make sure that the reflections they give off are grayish in color. If so, it has a better chance of being a real diamond.

Its actual brightness is much higher than that of glass or quartz of the same size, compare both and it will be even more evident. There is only one stone that is brighter than a diamond, and that is moissanite. It is a precious stone, very similar to diamond, so much so that even jewelers sometimes have difficulty differentiating them. For this you have to use a powerful light from a flashlight and illuminate its interior. In the case of moissanite, the colors of the rainbow will be reflected, a sign of a double refraction, which the diamond does not have.

A real diamond will sparkle significantly more than a piece of glass or quartz of the same size. You may want to take a piece of glass or quartz with you for reference


This is one of the most used tricks in movies, but it can be of great help. You have to place the diamond on a written paper or a book. You will know how to determine the authenticity of the diamond as you can read the text through it. If you can, it would be a fake diamond.

The heat

The diamond is one of the hardest materials in the world, for this reason, if you heat the stone for 30 seconds, for example a lighter, and let it fall quickly into a glass of cold water or cracked breaks, it's a diamond false. Since the rapid expansion and contraction will crush the tensile strength of weaker materials such as glass or quartz. An authentic diamond would not suffer any damage.

Here are some helpful tips and information about the authenticity of a diamond. But the best technique to enjoy an authentic diamond is to purchase it from your trusted jewelry store such as Leonards Jewellers.

You deserve to shine to the sound of your diamond. Don't you think?


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