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5 reasons to book motel accommodations for your next vacation

When it comes to enjoying an idyllic beachside vacation in New South Wales, Albury is the perfect destination.

Due to its growing popularity as a holiday destination, accommodation in Albury is easy to find. Today, I will outline some of the reasons why you should consider booking an Albury motel accommodation for your next vacation.

albury motel

1. They are affordable

Compared to hotels and vacation apartments, motels are much cheaper. This is one of the main reasons why Albury motel accommodation is so popular. If you choose to stay in a motel, you will have extra money to spend on other aspects of your beachside vacation. Motels are perfect, especially for travelers on a strict budget.

Accommodations at the Garden Court Motel start from as low as $ 128 per night for a queen, $ 173 per night for a king, and $ 200 per night for a 2-bedroom unit; these rates are less expensive than hotel rates within the area. By staying at our motel, you will undoubtedly save on your vacation accommodation costs.

2. They are comfortable

Sure, motels may not be as big and luxurious as hotels or vacation apartments. But they are much cozier and more comfortable than a hotel room and many vacation apartments. This is mainly because motels are generally located away from the hustle and bustle.

Also, motels offer fewer rooms than hotels or vacation apartments. For example, Garden Court Motel has only 10 rooms. Because of this, the motel staff can offer you a much more personalized service than any hotel or vacation rental can provide.

3. They offer great accessibility

When it involves room accessibility, nothing beats motel accommodation. While hotels and vacation apartments have hallways, lobbies, elevators, or stairs, motels offer direct accessibility to your room. This means you're exploring the moment you close your room door, and in the case of the Garden Court Motel, the shops and cafes are only 20 meters away. Hello, fresh coffee in the morning!

motel in albury

With Albury motel accommodation, you can return to your room immediately after a long day at the beach, which is exactly what a beachside vacation should be.

4. They have a great location

Most of the hotels and holiday apartments in Albury are centrally located, further from the beach. However, motel accommodations, like ours, will put you just 200 meters from the beach.

The Albury Motel is just a short walk from Albury. By staying with us, the best of Albury will be right on your doorstep.

5. Include useful services

While many people consider motels to be a simple lodging option, motels in Albury include useful amenities. Keep in mind that some motels compete with the amenities offered by vacation apartments and even hotels.

A stay at the Garden Court Motel includes free Wi-Fi, complimentary on-site parking, luggage storage, self-service laundry, patio with barbecue facilities, spa and outdoor pool, umbrellas and loungers. With such helpful facilities and a great beachside location, you don't need to look elsewhere for Albury motel accommodation.


Albury is a fantastic beachside destination, and there are many reasons why you should book a motel as your accommodation. First of all, motel accommodation is much more affordable than hotels or vacation apartments. Motels offer greater comfort and you can expect more personalized service from their staff. Motels also offer better accessibility than vacation apartments and hotels. The motels offer a fantastic beachside location, which you won't find in most hotels and vacation apartments. Lastly, motels offer useful services and facilities that you will need during your vacation.

motel accommodation albury

Due to the five reasons outlined above, motels are an incredibly popular accommodation option in Albury and can be fully booked in high season, so you need to book early. If in the unfortunate event that Albury Motel is unavailable, our friendly staff will be able to find a suitable accommodation for you in the region.

For the best motel accommodation in Albury, look no further than Albury Motel. Visit our website for more details otherwise you can contact us today!


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