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Solution To Reduce Accidents In Work Areas With Pedestrians And Vehicles

A solution to reduce accidents in work areas with constant passage of pedestrians and vehicles is the installation of protections and Verge Safety Barriers, which protect pedestrian areas from industrial traffic  and provide maximum safety by absorbing the energy of an impact in case of collision.

Unlike barriers and protections made of steel, the risk of rupture is  avoided , since its  flexibility  allows it to absorb the forces of blows and then dissipate them throughout the protection material. In addition, the  special  processed  plastic does not damage the barriers  or the vehicle, and therefore maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Due to their  high visibility, they are ideal to be installed in parking lots, entrances and for the separation of pedestrian areas.

Safety Barriers are necessary for protection. When a beam is interrupted, a signal is emitted to stop the danger, according to the process in which it is applied.

The main features are:

- Security level: defines the principles of self-control and the security in the device must be chosen according to the level of risk in the machine.

- Protected Height: is the height controlled by the barrier. If placed horizontally, this value indicates the depth of the protected area.

- Capacity is the maximum operating distance that can exist between the emitter and the receiver.

- Response time: it is the moment that the barrier takes to send the alarm signal, once it has cleared the protected area.

- Resolution: The resolution of a light curtain is the minimum size of an object that, placed in the controlled area, interrupts the controlled area and therefore stops the dangerous movement of the machine.

Safety barriers that allow a fast and versatile temporary or durable delimitation of spaces that must be demarcated and marked for exceptional security needs. Safety barriers are essential industrial safety items for the prevention of occupational hazards , in addition to other uses in public spaces where eventually access must be limited or the movement of people or vehicles must be redirected.

The Express delimiting barrier stands out among safety barriers  because it can be easily transported, assembled or disassembled quickly, adapting in size and arrangement easily. The connecting piece, made of polyamide, is equipped with locking clips, with the advantage that one or two horizontal bars can be fitted to reinforce the demarcation. It is expandable in sections of 1 meter, being able to delimit both in a straight line and at an angle of 90ยบ, making it a practical and adaptable solution to different situations, beyond the original reason for which it was purchased.

The cold, the rains and the short days, added to the current situation due to the pandemic, mean that we have to spend more time at home than usual. If there are small children, babies who have just learned to walk or restless pets in your home, there will be several decisions you will have to make to keep them safe and avoid dangers or unwanted situations.

In previous articles we talked about playpens for babies, a good option to protect your little one while entertaining inside the house.

Some of the most critical points in a house are the stairs, if there are any, and the rooms or rooms used for activities where it is better not to have children or pets. This can be solved thanks to the security barriers, and in this case we present the ones with the best Amazon rating.


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