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What is most valued in a hotel room

The fundamental business of a hotel establishment is the rental of rooms, and for the business to grow it is necessary that customers feel well cared for, are comfortable and at ease in the facilities and, of course, that they return again.

But consumers are increasingly demanding and hotels must adapt to new needs, especially in the rooms, which is the service they pay and the place where they decide to rest when they move outside their homes.

best valued hotel

The most valued services are:

1. The most appreciated is the free wifi in the rooms

According to some studies based on satisfaction surveys, such as the Hotel Amenities Survey by, customers book based on whether or not there is free Wi-Fi in the rooms, nowadays, having internet is already a necessity, whether It is a pleasure trip, where the service can be useful to find addresses and plan outings, as if the trip is for work and it is necessary to have the office on top to answer emails or have online video conferences.

2. Full bathroom

Although it seems obvious, the private toilet is highly valued among travelers and, above all, that the bathroom has a shower that, in addition, must be better than the one at home. Having large and sufficient towels, a bathrobe and slippers if it is a category, a hairdryer and those small personal hygiene items that make us so graceful are other of the most sought after items.

3. The size of the room

The size of the room does matter, the rooms must have a good size and be well distributed so as not to collide at all times with the nightstand, the closet doors or the roommate. It is appreciated that there is enough space to leave the suitcase and the things we carry. In addition, it is easier to put a third bed or the crib for the children.

4. Watch flat screen TV

With the latest technologies, flat screen televisions are much more affordable and take up much less space in a room. The variety of programs allows you to be informed when traveling or simply serves as entertainment when the weather is not good and it is not possible to leave.

comfortable hotel rooms

5. Air conditioning

Another highly valued equipment is the air conditioning. Returning to the room after a hot day and perceiving the cool and pleasant atmosphere of the room is essential for many, even if it is a cheap establishment. Being able to modify the room temperature and regulate it to taste influences the choice of the hotel.

6. Free tea or coffee machine

Getting up in the morning and having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, in pajamas, without having to access the hotel dining room where breakfast is served is a luxury for many. It is a real pleasure to have a coffee or tea machine inside the room, and it is one of the services that travelers like the most, it makes them feel at home, and helps them to comfort themselves in a moment of decline.

7. Daily cleaning service

The most common complaints have to do with the cleanliness of the rooms, particularly the bathrooms, but other elements such as curtains, rugs, bedspreads, cushions can be other elements that may be dirty, like the sheets. When suspicious stains are discovered or a certain musty odor is noticed, they are unequivocal signs that it has not been cleaned with the necessary intensity, for this reason, daily cleaning is important to achieve satisfied customers.

8. The mattress provides a good rest

Rest well is one of the most important points. Sleeping in a good bed is essential, that is wide (Queen and King size are increasingly larger), firm, elastic (so that it does not cause back pain) and comfortable is the objective. Most of the time the mattress is responsible for getting it, in fact, many hotel chains have carried out studies to improve the quality of rest in their rooms, they may not always be to everyone's taste, but they do seek to satisfy the majority.

9. Soundproofing

Another important element to get a good rest is noise. Achieving sound insulation is essential, either with window closures that prevent the sound of the street from being perceived in the room, such as insulation between rooms, we have all been able to hear the neighbor snoring, the toilet cistern, noise in the corridors, doors, children ... a nightmare.

10. Adequate lighting

A dark room that does not have enough light to read or simply to see how our clothes fit, or quite the opposite, to achieve darkness when necessary, especially to sleep, is another of the subjects most valued by travelers.

valued hotel rooms

All these things most travelers wants are in Garden Court Motel in Albury, where you can spent your accommodation in comfort with our spacious and comfortable rooms.

Our spacious open plan rooms and the apartment have all the facilities and the services you need to relax while you are away from home.

At Garden Court Motel, you will enjoy our home away from home experience in our two bedroom apartment with a fully equipped kitchen, living area, lounge, dining table, laundry facilities and private balconies for each room.

In addition, our dedicated staff is always prepared to welcome our guests and their requirements. Contact us today!!


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