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The Importance of Grounding Electrical Currents

Proper installation and maintenance of electricity in our building guarantees optimal and correct operation. Electrical maintenance in a neighborhood community provides the necessary comfort to its owners.

Many communities are still using more light than they need. And they don't get the service they demand. For this reason, we tell you the advantages of hiring electricity maintenance in your community.

residential electrical installation

The state of conservation

The electrical installation of a residential building has to be kept in good condition. This will ensure an adequate level of safety for the occupants. It will also be a necessary procedure for our electricity company to install digital meters for us. Or so that we can pass the inspections.

The company we choose must be approved in electrical work that performs a reliable job. With written guarantees and a standardized work process. A poor state of the facilities can be the source of great danger for the entire community, something that we can afford.

But we are not just looking for security. Maintenance requires equal or greater importance to prevent problems or failures and savings. Through a system of proximity sensors, low consumption lights, with LED technology.

What problems can a maintenance on electrical equipment avoid?

  • Fires: 22% of fires in buildings are due to failures in electrical installations. We can reduce their incidence by carrying out the appropriate maintenance. Or have experts to carry out adequate repairs and thus prevent possible failures. Most older buildings (over 30-40 years old) have non-RBT installation. This causes overloads, short circuits, and then a possible fire.
  • Power outages: any breakdown causes power outages, both inside our homes and in common areas of the building. This produces discomfort and discomfort. Inactivity of elevators, video surveillance cameras, door openers or opening of garage doors.
  • Voltage rises and falls: Damages installed electrical equipment. To protect the equipment, it's important to put differentials. Consult your trusted technician for advice.
  • Costs: The aforementioned incidents entail the respective costs to repair the electrical system and the damage it has caused. The energy wasted by incandescent or led systems with a timer can be reduced with a new installation of saving systems.

Advantages of having an electrical maintenance in a neighborhood community


With proper electrical and periodic maintenance, we can keep the installation always controlled. We will anticipate possible errors that contribute to major incidents, such as those mentioned, fires, outages ... Having the equipment in the best conditions provides security in the electrical network. In addition to offering higher performance on the network.

electrical installation services

A maintenance is used to analyze, review, control, repair and clean electrical and lighting equipment. You have to see if there are worn cables, broken plugs, how are the lines ... all to ensure the protection of a community.


A mistake is to think that hiring electrical maintenance in a neighborhood community does not create any savings. Evaluate the inconvenience and its cost and you will see that having this service, which can also be combined with other maintenance, represents a great saving.

Repairs, damage to facilities, homes, etc. These are costs that we can save in time with the appropriate revisions. A maintenance program lengthens the lifetime of our equipment, gives greater performance, additionally to reducing energy consumption.


Always have a team of electricity professionals specialized in communities who can advise us, in peace. They must carry out the installation correctly and provide a revision service to maintain its proper functioning.

We must demand a written guarantee, the possibility of financing, and following quality standards.

Safety is important and only a specific staff can cover the needs of maintaining the longest active time and with electrical service of the neighborhood community. Unfortunately for many communities, in the market there are companies or professionals who are not qualified to do these jobs. This can cause problems derived from excessive savings or choosing without adequate guarantees.

electrical maintenance service

At Powered Electrical & Data, we are specialists in maintaining your community's electrical network. It is a decision full of advantages. Ask us for a quote.

From Powered Electrical & Data, we advise that before hiring the services of an installer, check that they are authorized. Above all, the trust that our installer generates is very important. Therefore, we should not focus only on the price, but on the valuations and the experience.


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