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In a move, transport and packaging are important aspects, since it depends on these that our objects arrive in good condition. This week we give you a series of valuable tips to make your packaging much easier and offer maximum protection to your belongings.

moving boxes

Initial packing steps

First of all, wrap the objects separately, using bubble wrap for fragile materials such as crystal, porcelain or glass. From there, pack the objects that you do not use so that during the move you do not miss anything and you can use belongings such as clothes or some hygiene products.

How to organize the contents of the boxes?

The first basic principle in packing a move is that heavy items such as books should be placed in small boxes. Lightweight items, such as sheets and pillows, in larger boxes.

It is advisable to use duct tape seals to close the top and bottom seams, and then follow one of the moving company techniques, looping around the top and bottom edges of the box where there is the greatest tension and this eliminates the expansion of the boxes.

When you put the objects in the boxes, try to label them so that later you will know what is inside the boxes and, if it is fragile, label it to avoid serious damage.

Attention to the dishes

When we put the plates in the boxes, it is vital to place wrapping paper around each unit, then wrap the packs of five or six by adding more paper. It is essential that the dishes are not packed horizontally. Also, a large amount of top and bottom compacted paper is needed. On the other hand, the glasses can be put one inside the other, with paper between them, and wrapped three or four in the same package.

Other useful tips for a successful move

On the furniture, it is advisable to remove the removable parts of the same to help its transfer and avoid possible mishaps. Also, keep screws and other small pieces of furniture. In turn, pack the largest disassembled parts in the boxes and mark them with the name to know where the parts are.

As for televisions, we must bear in mind that it is not enough to wrap them in padded furniture pads. The plasma TVs need specific wooden boxes for transport. It is vital to place it in a double box, putting the box that contains the television in a different one that is filled with packing paper.

moving service

How to choose a moving company?

Now is the time to trust a company to move your valuables anywhere you want. What should we consider? We give you some simple tips so you can choose the best option

  • Request budgets. Sometimes the cheapest does not mean that it is the worst service. If you can, request well in advance the cost that different companies will entail. Take your time when choosing a company.
  • Evaluate risks and commitments. It is key that you trust the company that carries your belongings, knowing their degree of commitment and also the service they provide. Don't over-trust a company that doesn't have a known registered office.
  • Type of transport. Ideally, first of all you should know what type of trucks or vans they have to make the move. But also other aspects such as how to pack, how they move more fragile objects, clothes or furniture that you can take apart.
  • The working time. Check the time it takes to complete the complete transfer of your belongings. And, if possible, know where they will leave your things if the transfer of your things is not direct from the old house to the new one. By the way, the ideal is to agree on a number of trips to be made.
  • Reputation. Lastly, you should find out what reputation the company has. The experiences in the network about the company are important to know the degree of involvement of the professionals of the moving company.

It has storage rooms and warehouses to store your things

Throughout the moving process and even afterwards, trust professionals who have storage rooms and warehouses where you can store everything you want at the best prices for individuals, companies or families. An increasingly widespread option to store what you need or for your belongings to make a stopover in a place of total security. With all kinds of storage rooms and furniture storage, adapted to your needs and with total flexibility (from 1 square meter).

Contact us

RBR Moving is a company with 20 years of experience in the moving sector in Australia with a single objective: to satisfy customers. Since its creation, it has devoted a large part of its efforts to studying the needs of the different lines of business, designing a service chart capable of meeting the demands of all of them.

A serious and determined commitment has led RBR Moving to develop a set of services that provide solutions to the movement of personal or office belongings, storage facilities and rental of furniture, as well as complementary services such as temporary services. Don't think twice and contact us today to tell us about your moving plans. We can help you with office removals in Newcastle, or your move in Australia among many other options.


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