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How to improve security at home?


Home security is a key issue for the tranquility and well-being of people. It is essential to care for and protect both the family and the material assets stored in it. And not just while staying home. Also at times when it is empty. These tips for increased home security will help you protect your family and wealth from potential threats. They are very effective and easy to apply.

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Improve home security in 7 actions.

1.- Install a safe outdoor door

Choosing safe exterior doors is key to improving home security. Metal doors with deadbolts are an excellent choice. Also the armored anti squat doors. Assess your needs and the options at your fingertips to decide the right one for your home. This is probably the most important point to protect your family and your assets.

Do you already have a secure exterior door? Strengthens the security of the lock.

2.- Block views to reinforce the exterior security and privacy of your home

Do you live in a single family home? In this case, having intruder-proof residential gates and security fences is necessary to improve the security of your home. It is also important that these not only prevent the access of thugs. But they also obstruct the outside views towards your patio or garden. And this is how you will prevent criminals from detecting possible vulnerabilities or could threaten the privacy of your family while it remains in that area. In addition to this, you will also prevent them from being able to observe the interior of the house and calibrate what is of interest in it if a curtain or window is open.

3.- Install bars on the windows to increase security in the home

Do you live in an area that is lonely, exposed or in which criminal actions have increased? A good decision to improve home security is to install bars on the windows. At least on the ground floor and basements with a window to the outside. Its deterrent effect is important to prevent attacks by thugs or criminals. But the ideal is that they are a real obstacle to the access of thugs to your home.

Currently the bars for windows of houses have little to do with those of a few years ago on an aesthetic level. You have classic and modern options from which to choose the one whose style goes best with your home.

4.- Improves the security of access to the garage

Experienced criminals know how to find the vulnerable spots in a home. And this in many cases is the garage of it. Make sure you have secure, automated metal garage doors. In many cases it is when you get down to close that you may be in danger. So this is a very important point to improve the safety of the family and property in the home.

5.- Watch your house and who can access it

Security cameras and camera door openers are items that will help you improve security at home. By themselves they do not prevent criminals from accessing housing. That is something you must achieve with the right metal fences, fences and gates. But they are ideal complements for them. They act as a deterrent. At the same time, they allow you to see if someone is near your house. In some cases, you can connect them to the network to access the images from your mobile even when you are not at home. And you can combine it with other items such as alarms and detectors.

6.-Illuminate the exterior without facilitating the task of criminals for greater security at home

The exterior lighting allows you to see if anyone in the area or if you are trying to access your home by forcing your exterior doors. But these lights should never make it easy for the criminal to try to manipulate locks or to see if someone is entering or leaving the house. The ideal is to be able to turn them on at will to check that everything is going well and turn them off the rest of the time. If you use a home automation system you can turn these on and off even when you are not at home so that it gives the impression that there are people inside the house.

7.- Keep the exterior of the home in good condition

The clean exterior doors, the neat fences and fences, the pruned trees in the garden give a feeling of inhabited and guarded place. And it has a deterrent effect as criminals will always prefer to access easier targets.

These actions will help you to enforce home security in an effective and lasting way. Protect yourself, protect yours and your assets by taking these measures. Contact Chainwire Fencing Specialist if you need help on installing security fences at home.


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